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The church must always be a community within a community. We are a community of faith that exists within the broader community of South Perth and beyond. As such, we exist not for ourselves, but for those around us, and we are called to reach out into the community around us to live out what we believe. We are called to feed the hungry, tend the sick and the elderly, and to care for those in need.

We do that by supporting aid and development programmes through the Anglican Board of Mission, Anglicare, St Bartholomew’s House, Parkerville Children and Youth Care, and Amana Living, who are able to most effectively make a difference on our behalf. Within South Perth, we provide ministry to local nursing homes and aged care facilities, we provide financial support to chaplaincy programmes in our local government schools, and we are actively engaged in the following projects:

Parish Blanket Project

Meets first Wednesday of the month, 1:00pm

A dedicated group of parishioners knits beanies, scarves, and blankets that are distributed to individuals and families in need. You can contribute by knitting blanket squares, scarves or beanies, donating 8 ply wool, or by financially supporting the project. As well as working at home, St Mary’s Knitting Circle meets each month in the parish hall for a time of fellowship and mutual encouragement.

South Perth Primary School

A small but dedicated group of parishioners visits South Perth Primary School during term time to support the chaplain in providing activities for some of the children during lunch breaks.

Collection Point

The parish acts as a collection point for the annual St. Bart's Christmas Hamper Appeal. Gifts of non-perishable food, clothing and toiletries are collected throughout the year and taken to St. Bart's and other agencies as the need arises.

The following items are collected throughout the year:


2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner


Shaving cream
Tissues (individual packs)
Body wash

Moisturising soap



Thongs/flip flops (new only)
Socks (new only)


Face & body moisturiser

Perfume/body spray

Socks (new only)

Black shoes



New refillable water bottles

Crossword/activity books

Coloured pencils


FOOD - must have an expiry date at least 12 months ahead

Tinned food

Packeted food 

Support for Prison Chaplaincy

The parish supports the prison chaplaincy by providing Christmas gifts for the children of prisoners in Baronia Pre-release Centre for women and by providing black shoes for prisoners to wear on work placements.

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