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Christians believe in God, the source and giver of life. In the face of death, the Church confidently proclaims that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, broke the chains of sin and death that bound humanity by his own death and resurrection.

In the Anglican Church the funeral service, is our rite of passage from life to death. The funeral service helps us to acknowledge the loss of a loved one, give thanks for the life of the person who has died, make our last farewell, and begin to take up life once more. Christian funeral and memorial rites proclaim the Church’s hope in the face of death.

When someone dies, the next of kin will need to contact a funeral director. The funeral director will manage all of the arrangements leading up to the funeral service as well as the burial or cremation of the person who has died. If you would like help in choosing a funeral director please feel free to contact us. The funeral director will liaise with the next of kin and the parish clergy to agree a day, time, and location for the funeral service which may take place at St. Mary's, a chapel at a Cemetery or a funeral home, or at the graveside. Clergy from this parish regularly officiate at funerals in all these places.

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