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In the same way that a family cannot function properly without all of its members contributing, our parish family relies on all our members to:

  • contribute their time by serving on committees, helping with outreach and social events, etc.;

  • offer their talents during services and special events, by helping with our various ministries, and helping out behind the scenes; and

  • share our treasure; giving financially so our parish can keep running smoothly.


We encourage everybody in our church community to consider how they contribute to our various ministries, believing that God is at work in our community and calls each one of us to to join in with what God is doing.

God gives each person talents and strengths to be shared. If you like public speaking, why not offer to read at services? If you are friendly and outgoing you could share your talent by welcoming people or as a pastoral visitor. If you are interested our liturgical life, why not get involved as a liturgical assistant?

Maybe you have a head for finances and business, public relations, photography, grant writing, or gardening. Whatever your gifts, we hope you will consider sharing them in God's service. We have a place for you in our parish family!

We invite you to look at all of the various ministries our parish has to offer and invite you to join in.


The are several ways in which you can make a donation to the mission and ministry of our parish. To find the method that is right for you, please click on the button below:



God gives each one of us special talents and abilities (gifts) that we can share with others.


At St. Mary's we could not function effectively without the considerable contribution our parishioners make to the life of our community by offering their time, talents and treasure. We encourage everybody to consider what God is calling them to contribute.


You can find a list of  our current volunteering opportunities by clicking the link below. If you don't see an opportunity there that interests you, we would still like to hear from you and welcome your ideas.


We encourage every member of our parish community to make a regular contribution towards the day to day running costs of our parish, which for the 2018-19 financial year was $584 per day.

In addition, some of our congregation make additional contributions to help fund specific activities like music, social events or particular ministries.

If you would like to help in this way, please contact the parish office for more information.

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